might be true but I dont believe you

might be true but I dont believe you

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When you go to take a sip from your water, and this falls out… is it a sign from the gods that maybe you should order a new water?

When you go to take a sip from your water, and this falls out… is it a sign from the gods that maybe you should order a new water?

So I went to the neighborhood in Florida where they shot Edward Scissorhands

Having already known that ES was filmed in Florida, I checked out the actual location on Google.

If you compare the Google image to this freeze frame from the movie, you can tell its the right place.

However it has been about 24 years since the release of the film and life has returned to normal in this small community. The colors of the houses are less hideous, but they make up for it in their choice of gigantic palm trees. I know this because I took a drive down to the town in question and drove around with the soundtrack blaring.
After walking around in circles trying to figure out which house was which, we were called out to by a native who plainly stated “You guys are Edward Scissorhand fans, aren’t you…” He explained his house is the one they broke into, told us where the Boggs’ house was and said a lot of Japanese people come poking around.

I reenacted the opening shot. Note the shape of the walkway and the porch light as well as the trim on the garage door and porch.

I read in an article that wooden boards were placed over any arches in the neighborhood to get a more generic look.

Also found the Boggs’ house. No question that this is the right place.

The door in my photograph has a “no soliciting” sign posted. These people are obviously sick of Scissorhand Fans. So getting close up photos was a definite no-no.

The actual castle was at times a miniature and the real location was built somewhere else and has since been demolished. But an entrance was built at the end of the suburb circle.

It’s not much to look at, but you can see the sewer drain to your left and the dip where the cars were able to go into and out of.

Fun fact: Edward’s path of destruction at the climax of the film made no sense. He passed the Boggs’ house 3 times before returning to it and also teleported a couple times.

The shopping center may not seem like a big deal, but look at it! It’s a sight for tourists anyway. This is the place where Edward had his scissors sharpened, and its where Joyce did her strip show in the new salon.

It hasn’t changed much accept for the stores and the people. Two things remain the same outside of the massive arch itself. At the base of the arch to your left is a runny rust stain, and amazingly enough the Publix all the way to your right is still open.

If you’re ever passing through Lutz, Florida it is worth stopping by.